Nash Brothers Natural Honey Flakes and Clusters Cereal

Nash Brothers. Trading company. Natural honey flakes and clusters cereal. Low fat, low sodium. High in fiber, good source of iron. A naturally sweetened whole grain cereal. The Nash Brothers story: Fred Nash - the visionary: As the eldest Nash brother, Fred saw opportunity in every challenge. His leadership was founded in his ability to envision and develop new ideas that improved the lives of his customers and fueled the success of his family-run business. This talent for embracing change, with an eye to the future, is the cornerstone of his character. He is our champion of all Nash Brothers Trading Company products that bring innovative solutions to the consumer. Edgar Nash - The Manager: By combining his attention to detail with his desire for efficiency, middle brother Edgar Nash successfully managed the early years of the family business. His bookkeeping aptitude and time-management skills provided the foundation that allowed the Nash Brothers to turn a single retail store into a thriving nationwide operation. Edgar is our advocate for all Nash Brothers Trading Company products that promote convenience and appeal to busy people on the go. Willis Nash - The adventurer: For Willis Nash, traversing the young country in search of new suppliers and new products fueled his passion for adventure. While on the road, the discoveries he made and the relationships he developed allowed the Nash Brothers to offer customers a broad and extraordinary assortment of products including whole bean coffee and fresh produce from specialty growers. Willis is our connection to all Nash Brothers Trading Company products that feature unique ingredients or come from distinct sources. In 1885, Fred, Edgar and Willis Nash began their legacy of anticipating and meeting customer desires with trusted products at fair prices. Our natural flakes and clusters cereal continues this tradition with a high-fiber, low-fat combination of wholesome grains that's naturally sweet and completely satisfying. This delicious cereal is great for people who demand more energy in the morning like family business manager Edgar Nash. Nash Brothers Trading Company. Inspired by simpler times. 100% recycled paperboard.