Schwebels Bread, Enriched, Giant

0 Grams trans fat. A cholesterol free food. Healthy goodness in every loaf. Tastes great. Everyday great taste. Schwebel's expert bakers use our family's century-old tradition combined with the freshest and most nutritious ingredients to keep the same great taste as in our grandparents' times. Good source of B vitamins & folic acid. B vitamins are important in helping produce energy to fuel the body. Folic acid is essential in maintaining good health, a strong immune system, and is critical in the early stages of pregnancy to prevent common forms of birth defects. Healthy lifestyle. No trans fats. No saturated fats. No hydrogenated oils. Schwebel Baking Company uses only 100% vegetable oil in all of our products. Schwebel's Promise: The Schwebel Family is committed to quality. We pledge to provide you and your family with fresh, wholesome, nutritious and great tasting bread products - The Schwebel Family.