Sargento Reduced Sodium Mozzarella Shredded Cheese

Approx 1-3/4 cups. Shredded natural reduced sodium mozzarella cheese. 25% less sodium compared to regular Sargento Mozzarella Cheese. Our family's passion is cheese. If you're watching how much sodium you consume, you'll love our new Reduced Sodium natural cheeses. They're full of great flavor but have 25% less sodium than the regular varieties. Try them in 3 different natural cheese forms - shredded, sliced and snacks. Not only will they help you maintain a better diet, but they taste great too! - Lou Gentine, Second Generation of Family Ownership. 1/4 cup of this Sargento shredded cheese provides 200 mg of the 800-1200 mg of calcium most of us need each day. Sodium reduced from 190 mg to 140 mg. Product of USA.