Leave of Absence

For questions regarding leaves please contact Brandy Kubisch or Peter Riesbeck

After you have completed a minimum of six (6) months of continuous service with Riesbeck’s you may be granted a leave of absence without pay for several reasons. You must submit, in writing, your request for a leave along with the necessary documentation (medical slip, etc.) to the director of human resources.

If you are absent from work because of any leave, you will maintain your service time for benefit and pay purposes. This means you will not lose your service time nor will you accrue additional time toward increased benefits or progression wage increases. Employees on any leave shall not be entitled to holiday pay. Employees must use all paid vacation and personal days prior to being eligible for unpaid leave.

Illness or Off-the-job Injury

If you are injured off the job, become ill, or develop a disability but do not meet the eligibility requirements of FMLA leave and have exhausted all of your sick and vacation time, you may be granted a leave for no longer than six (6) months, if you support your claim in a satisfactory manner. When you are ready to return to work, you must submit a release from the doctor stating whether there are any restrictions in your being able to perform your job. If you are not able to perform the essential functions of your job, with or without reasonable accommodation, you may be transferred to any vacant position for which you are qualified. The company will endeavor to return you to the same or an equivalent position.

In the event of an injury or an illness, whether on or off the job, if your physician issues a release with limitations you must contact the director of human resources to discuss transitional duties.

Maternity Leave

If you become pregnant and want to take a leave of absence, your request will be handled in the same manner as outlined above for illness and off-the-job injuries.

Personal Leave

You may be granted a personal leave of absence for an emergency or reason determined valid by management for periods of up to 90 days.

Military Leave

If you are inducted or enlist in the armed forces of the United States, notify your store operator so that arrangements can be made to authorize a leave of absence. Leave for military duty will be provided in accordance with appropriate federal and state law.

Annual Training Leave

If you are a member of the Armed Forces Reserve or National Guard Units and are required to participate in fifteen (15) days of annual training, you will be granted a leave of absence if you provide proper documentation. If eligible, you may use your vacation time during this time.

If you accept employment from another employer while on the leave or become self-employed, you are subject to immediate termination.

If you want insurance coverage while on a personal leave of absence, you may retain it by paying the premiums for the time you are on leave.

With the exception of Military Leave, consecutive leaves of absence may not run longer than 12 (twelve) months. Employees requiring longer periods of time must terminate employment and then reapply when ready to return to work after that time.

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