Personal Electronic Devices Policy

Personal electronic devices (pagers, cell phones) are not permitted while on duty unless they are corporate devices issued by the company to key employees. While personal cell phones, smart phones, music players, radios, cameras, and other personal electronic devices have become commonplace, they have no place in the work areas. Employees should not have any of these on their person during work time unless the device has been issued by the Company or approved for use by the Company. Cell phones being used for personal calls may only be used on employee’s designated breaks, and then only in the employee breakroom or outside. In the event of a family emergency, the store location should be called and the manager on duty will alert you. Telephone conversations during lunch or breaks should never interfere with timely return from breaks or lunch. Cameras (including those on/in cell phones) are not permitted for use in Company facilities at any time without management approval.

Email and Text Policy

Riesbeck Food Markets has established a policy with regard to access and disclosure of electronic messages created, sent or received by clients using the company’s electronic messaging systems. The Company intends to honor the policies set forth below, but must reserve the right to change them at any time as may be required under circumstances.

A. All computers, laptops, smart phones, cell phones, tablets, pagers, and other electronic communications systems (including Internet, facsimile, e-mail and voice mail) are provided by Riesbeck Food Markets to assist in the conduct of Company business. They are to be used only by Company employees or consultants in the manner in which the operator has been authorized by the Company.

B. The computer and electronic communications systems hardware is Company property. All work-product and messages composed, sent or received on these systems are and remain property of Riesbeck Food Markets. They are not the private property of any person and employees have no privacy rights or expectations in regard to any email accessed as sent on Company computers. WARNING: If you use a computer, cell phone, smartphone, laptop, or other device issued by Riesbeck’s to access a personal email account such as hotmail, conduct online banking, access facebook, text or tweet that information is automatically stored on the company’s computer system and can possibly be accessed and reviewed at a later date. Riesbeck’s is providing this caution to you as many people are unaware of the numerous records computers make of the activities of the user. Any data stored on the company’s computers or servers as a result of your use of company equipment belongs to Riesbeck’s.

C. Computers and Electronic Communications systems are authorized for use solely for the furtherance of Company business. They may not be used for or in connection with personal business ventures. The Company reserves the right and sole discretion to monitor and control usage as deemed appropriate by management. The Company does not waive its ability to control usage, nor does it sanction unauthorized or inappropriate use, by its failure to take action in any particular situation.

D. Computer and electronic communications systems may not be used to solicit or proselytize for commercial ventures, religious or political causes, outside organizations, or other non-job related solicitations.

E. Computer and electronic communications systems are not to be used to access, create, receive, circulate or view any inappropriate, offensive or disruptive material. Among those which are considered offensive, are any materials which contain sexual implications, racial slurs, gender-specific comments or any other comment that offensively addresses someone’s age, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, national origin, or disability.

F. Computer and electronic communications systems shall not be used for any illegal purpose or to send or receive copyrighted materials, except as may be permitted by law. Except as may be appropriate in the normal course of business by authorized personnel, trade secrets, proprietary financial information, work-product and similar sensitive materials which are the property of the company may not be accessed, downloaded or printed or transferred in any manner without the express authorization of Riesbeck Food Markets.

G. Riesbeck Food Markets reserves and intends to exercise the right to monitor, review, audit, intercept, access and disclose all information created, received or sent over any company owned or operated computer or electronic communication system. The content of electronic communications on any company equipment may, in the sole discretion of management, be disclosed within or outside of the company without employee permission. There is no right or expectation of privacy with respect to any material created, sent, received or otherwise accessed on or from any computer or electronic communications system owned or operated by Riesbeck Food Markets. This includes text messages on company owned and operated phones.

H. The confidentiality of messages and/or revisions to documents should not be assumed. Even when a message is erased or a revision is made, it may still be possible to retrieve and read the message or to reconstruct changes. Further, the use of passwords for security does not guarantee confidentiality. Any personnel sending or directing documents to be sent by electronic means should be familiar with the procedures available to ensure that confidential information reflected in revisions to the document is not inadvertently transferred.

I. All passwords used on Company computers are to be reported to the Company as soon as they are changed or created. Passwords for voice-mail systems must be disclosed to the Company upon request.

J. Personnel may not use any code or encryption to restrict access to any file or computer unless the pass-code is provided to the Company. Sensitive and/or confidential information may also be password restricted with the approval of and submission of the password to the Company.

L. Any employee who violates this policy or used the electronic messaging systems for improper purposes shall be subject to discipline, up to and including discharge.

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