Breaks are provided by the company as paid rest periods for the well-being and enjoyment of employees. If you work four (4) to seven (7) hours, you are permitted one (1) break up to fifteen minutes in length. If you are scheduled seven (7) hours or more, you are permitted two (2) breaks up to fifteen minutes in length.

In addition, if you are on a break, you are to be in the break room areas or in the outside designated smoking area and are not to disrupt the work of other employees. Food and beverages will not be permitted in work areas. Gathering of and payment for merchandise must be made during nonwork time.

In addition to the breaks identified above, a one-half hour unpaid lunch period is required for all employees who work more than five (5) hours. Minors working five (5) or more hours must have a thirty-minute uninterrupted, unpaid lunch period.

Lunch and break periods are to be taken with the approval of your department or store operator when they least interfere with the operation of the store or service to our customers. You may be called from your rest period if the needs of the customers dictate.

You must swipe in and out for all lunch and rest periods. Employees are expected to maintain their break schedules and to return promptly at the completion. Employees taking additional time are subject to discipline.

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