This policy applies to all Riesbeck Food Market employees and their use of social networking sites whether on or off duty. As used in this policy, the term “social networking sites” refer to Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, individual personal websites, or any other similar site.

Whether or not an employee chooses to engage in social networking is a personal choice for them to make. However, employees that do engage in social networking must keep in mind that their postings not only reflect upon them as a person, but can also reflect upon them as an employee, a member of their profession, and upon their employer. To that end, all employees are cautioned to use common sense and to be considerate of the feelings of other people, including co-workers and their families, when posting material to these sites. You should always remember that what you post is public, can literally be disseminated around the world, and will be accessible to read for a very long time.

Prior to posting anything on a social networking site, employees are reminded to abide by the employee handbook. Employees will be held personally responsible for what they place on a social networking site and if necessary, will be disciplined, up to and including termination, in accordance with the Company’s policies. Furthermore, employees should consider and abide by the following guidelines:

A) Identify yourself by providing real name and, when relevant, your role at the Riesbeck Food Markets when you discuss Company related matters;

B) Please write in the first person, use good grammar, and check your spelling;

C) You must make it clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of the Riesbeck Food Markets;

D) If you publish content to any website not controlled or maintained by Riesbeck Food Markets and it has something to do with the work you do or subject matter associated with the Company, use a disclaimer such as this: “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent Riesbeck Food Markets’ positions, strategies or opinions;”

E) Do not violate the privacy rights of your co-workers, customers, or Riesbeck’s;

F) Respect copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws;

G) Never provide confidential or other proprietary information;

H) Ask permission to publish or report on conversations that are meant to be private or internal to the Company;

I) Do not cite or reference customers, partners, vendors, or suppliers without their express approval. When you do make a reference, where possible link back to the source;

J) Respect your audience. Do not use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in Riesbeck Food Markets’ workplace;

K) Find out who else is blogging or publishing on the topic, and cite them;

L) Be aware of your association with Riesbeck Food Markets in online social networks. If you identify yourself as an employee of the Company, ensure your profile and related content is consistent with how you wish to present yourself to colleagues and clients;

M) Do not pick fights on-line. Be the first to correct your own mistakes and do not alter previous posts without indicating that you have done so;

N) Try to add value. Provide worthwhile information and perspective. Riesbeck Food Markets is best represented by its people and what you publish may reflect on the Company;

O) Do not post the Company logo without permission;

P) Do not post pictures or video of you or others in Company uniforms, on Company property, or if the Company logo is present without permission;

Q) Do not post pictures or video of co-workers or vendors without their permission;

R) Do not post pictures or video of you or any other Company employee engaged in any work for the Company without permission;

S) Do not post pictures or video of any co-worker or co-worker’s family member without the permission of both the co-worker and/or family member and the Company. Obtaining the permission of a co-worker or family member alone is not enough as there are a variety of state and federal laws and regulations that apply that cannot be waived simply by co-worker consent.

Riesbeck Food Markets is in no way prohibiting employees from using or engaging in social networking sites. It is the Company’s position that, generally, what you do on your own time is your affair. However, when your activities in or outside of work, which certainly could include your social networking activities, affect your Company job performance, the performance of others, or the Company’s business interest, then Riesbeck Food Markets has the right to regulate and police that activity.

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